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10 Calls to Action (CTAs) That Will Boost Your Conversions

Do you know the feeling of reading an interesting article, looking at an eye-catching image, scrolling through all the content and... leaving after a while? This is a common reality on today's web, where we are bombarded with information. But what if it could be different? What if we could turn passive visitors into active participants?

10 Calls to Action (CTAs) That Will Boost Your Conversions
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The answer is a creative call to action (CTA). This seemingly simple phrase is the key to turning browsing into a conversion – whether it’s a subscription, an appointment, a purchase or anything else you want for your business or community. Read on for 10 examples of compelling calls to action across a range of industries and formats.

A CTA button should be clear, concise and engaging to communicate exactly what you want the user to do and motivate them to take action. It’s also important to choose a colour and design that matches the overall visual style of your presentation.

Which CTAs work?

E-commerce: “Buy now – limited offer!”

This classic call to action harnesses the power of the fear of not buying by creating a sense of urgency. By highlighting a limited time offer, you motivate immediate action and drive sales.

App: “Get started today – free and easy!”

Emphasise the clear benefits of taking action, such as ease of use or free access. This will reduce barriers to adoption and encourage new users to try your offer.

Social media: “Join our community – connect and share!” 

Foster a sense of community and encourage social interaction with a call to action that emphasises your community aspect. This will extend your reach and build brand loyalty.

Professional services: “Get a free consultation – find a solution that works for you!”

Provide a personalised experience by tailoring your call to action to the individual needs of your users. This demonstrates your understanding of their challenges and builds trust.

Gamification: “Spin the wheel – win big discounts!”

Add an element of fun and surprise with a gamified call to action. This encourages participation and increases engagement.

Limit: “Only 10 places left – sign up now!”

Create a sense of exclusivity and limited availability with a scarcity-based call to action. This forces users to act quickly to secure their place.

Travel platform: “Start your adventure – Discover hidden treasures!”

Create a compelling narrative with your call to action that paints a picture of the desired experience. This will evoke emotion and inspire users to take action.

Subscription service: “Join a million happy customers!”

Use evidence of satisfaction by highlighting the number of satisfied users. This builds trust and encourages new users to join the majority.

Business solutions: “Ready to transform your business? Get a free quote!”

Ask a thought-provoking question about a common problem, followed by a call to action that offers a solution. This will pique interest and encourage users to consider your service.

Newsletter: “Sign up for exclusive offers!”

Combine urgency with exclusivity and encourage email sign ups. This will build a valuable subscriber base and enable targeted future marketing activities.

Remember, your call to action is the final push that turns browsing into action. Choose your words wisely, tailor them to your audience and don’t be afraid to experiment and refine. With these best practices and various examples as inspiration, you can create calls to action that really resonate and get people to act.

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