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A Video Game As a Brand Showcase? Gen Z Sees It Quite Positively

Video games play an important role in the lives of young people aged 18-25. They influence their social interactions, self-expression and ultimately their relationship with brands.

A Video Game As a Brand Showcase? Gen Z Sees It Quite Positively
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ZBD’s Gen Z Gamer Study, which surveyed more than 2,000 Gen Z gamers in the US, provides insights that can be used by e-commerce businesses looking to connect with this influential demographic.

Video gaming as authentic engagement

For Gen Z, video games aren’t just entertainment. “Gaming provides a unique space for authentic engagement,” said 65% of respondents who play games for more than three hours a day. 72% feel they can be themselves in the online space.

E-commerce brands can capitalise on this by creating authentic, community-driven marketing strategies that resonate with Gen Z’s desire for authenticity.

Economic potential and habits

Gen Z’s spending power is estimated at more than $360 billion in the US. Not only are they avid gamers, they are also active shoppers. In fact, 53% spend more than $20 per month on games and 54% have a game subscription. At the same time, economic concerns are having an impact on Gen Z spending.

Innovative brand interaction

Gamification provides fertile ground for innovative brand interaction. With the proliferation of games across various media, our gamers expressed a desire to see their favourite gaming brands in movies or TV shows (57%), in physical locations (51%), and on apparel and merchandise (49%). On the other hand, a staggering 81% have played or would play a video game based entirely on a non-gaming brand, such as Nikeland in Roblox or Lego Fortnite,” the report said. In addition, 67% would trust a brand more if it was endorsed by the influencers they follow.

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