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Adobe Express With TikTok Symphony Simplifies The Creation Of Engaging Content

You know the drill - viral videos with catchy music become so popular in society that the song starts to appear everywhere. A recent example is Pedro, which made its way from TikTok to the radio.

Adobe Express With TikTok Symphony Simplifies The Creation Of Engaging Content
Source: TikTok

Adobe Express is a photo and video editing program. It is primarily used to make visuals for social media since it can increase image quality, modify colors, and add effects, among other things. The TikTok Symphony Assistant add-on is now included in the program, providing access to over one million approved songs from TikTok’s commercial music catalog.

The Symphony Assistant add-on grants Adobe Express customers access to TikTok’s commercial music library (CML), making it simple to incorporate music into TikTok movies. This connection provides users with a diverse range of songs and sounds, making it simple to incorporate popular music into TikTok video.


Managers of social media platforms would prefer this:

Access to a massive music library
With over a million songs from rising and renowned artists, you can easily choose the perfect track to enhance your TikTok posts.

Simplified license
Allows you to use music in videos in a rapid and legal manner.

Advanced creative tools
In addition to music, the Symphony Assistant add-on includes creative templates, Adobe Stock films and photos, and a number of editing tools.

TikTok Getting Started Guide

Symphony Assistant provides guidance on best practices and tips for success on TikTok. Users can discover trending music and creative trends relevant to their region or market, which can help them create engaging and relevant content.

Research and insights

The wizard analyses the most successful ads and hashtags. This can help you optimise your content strategy. For example, the aforementioned Pedro would likely appear in the recommendations.

Creative inspiration

This feature can help generate content ideas based on current trends to overcome creative blocks.

The move also marks Adobe’s official recognition as TikTok’s creative partner, strengthening the collaboration between TikTok and Adobe to provide creators with robust content creation tools.

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