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Artificial Intelligence is Coming to Google Campaigns

Google is integrating generative artificial intelligence into its advertising platform. The new feature will allow you to create visuals for Demand Gen campaigns directly within your ad setup, while adapting to specific campaign types and sizes.

Artificial Intelligence is Coming to Google Campaigns
Source: Google

These tools allow advertisers to create high-quality images with text prompts in just a few steps. This allows advertisers to create original campaigns with just a few clicks, while maintaining full control over the images used. Google ensures transparency by never creating identical images and labelling all AI-generated imagery.

“With image generation tools, you can now test new creative concepts more efficiently – whether it’s experimenting with new image types or simply building creatives from scratch. Your knowledge and experience is key to letting Google’s AI help you generate images that are tailored to your business or client’s needs,” the platform says.



Demand Gen campaigns focus on generating demand for products or services. The goal is to attract and engage potential customers who might be interested in the product being offered. These campaigns use a variety of visually appealing ad formats and are displayed on Google’s most important platforms, such as YouTube, Discover and Gmail.

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