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B2B Customer Acquisition Strategies Continue To Evolve

B2B marketing organisations have developed holistic approaches to acquiring customers that no longer rely heavily on personal contact.

B2B Customer Acquisition Strategies Continue To Evolve
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Social media and digital advertising have been the primary channels for customer acquisition since the onset of the pandemic. However, live events and partner programmes are also regaining some of their importance. The 2024 State of B2B Customer Acquisition report from Stirista, an identity and data-focused marketing solutions provider, highlights this trend.

Increased budget. Thirty-one per cent of senior B2B marketers expect their budgets for partner programmes to increase significantly over the next two years, according to a survey of nearly 200 senior marketers. Budgets for in-app strategies and video (30% and 29% respectively) will also increase. There is an expectation that budgets for customer acquisition will increase across all channels, and that face-to-face channels such as live events will regain prominence.

Social media and digital advertising were rated as the most successful customer acquisition strategies, rather than email. Live events were rated highly effective by 55% of respondents, but a much smaller number – 11% – considered them their most effective acquisition strategy.

Today’s B2B marketers are likely to be digital natives, social media savvy and may be remote workers. Attending an event from a distance may be more appealing to them than making the trip to the airport. Even email can seem archaic when trying to communicate.

B2B marketers recognise this and seek holistic approaches to prospecting that combine deep investment in digital with the right face-to-face meetings.

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