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Creator Insights For More Transparent Collaboration on Instagram

Do you know the dilemma that you face when you want to work with a Creator on Instagram?  The creator offers you a certain amount of money per mention in stories and feeds. They back it up with reach and number of followers. Your question, on behalf of the brand, is whether it's worth it and whether the numbers are right. You can now make better decisions with Creator Insights.

Creator Insights For More Transparent Collaboration on Instagram
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The latest addition is the Creator Insights view, which provides a snapshot of a creator’s account performance over the last 30 days.Businesses that may want to reach out to a creator for collaboration will have a better view of the creator’s reach.

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How does it work?

Creators can choose to share this information in a similar way to the Instagram Creator Marketplace. However, this programme is only fully operational in the US at the moment, with the expansion to other countries only recently announced by the platform.It’s likely that these will be the same data sharing permissions, meaning that if a creator shares their data in the Marketplace, it will also be available in Creator Insights.

Although the Creator Insights Quick View option is currently only available on selected creator profiles and is limited for now, it has the potential to become a valuable tool for facilitating connections between brands and influencers for advertising partnerships.

We’ll keep you updated on developments, so stay tuned. 👇

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