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Cross-border E-commerce is growing in Europe

European e-commerce generated €107 billion in cross-border turnover last year. The cross-border market reached a turnover of €237 billion. Compared to last year, this represents an increase of 32%

Cross-border E-commerce is growing in Europe

In 2022, European cross-border e-commerce was worth €179 billion. Of this, online shops generated a record high turnover of €105.5 billion. The Cross-Border Commerce Europe report says that up to 32% of all European online sales come from cross-border sales.

Total B2C online sales in Europe reached €741 billion. This represents an increase of 13% compared to 2022. Of that total turnover, up to 32% was generated by cross-border sales.

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Who is doing well?

The company annually ranks Europe’s 500 largest cross-border online stores, excluding the travel segment.

In the ranking of the top 10 European retailers for 2023, IKEA is number one. It achieved a turnover of €5.2 billion. It is followed by Zalando, H&M, Lego, Zara, Jysk, Lidl, Decathlon, Adidas and Notino rounds off the top ten.

Europe’s 500 largest cross-border online retailers have seen their sales decline due to the unstable economic environment and competition from US and Chinese brands. The turnover of the TOP 500 fell by 18% to €50 billion in 2023.


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