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Affiliate network

Important intermediaries between marketers and brands, affiliate networks enable profitable collaborations. These networks enable advertisers to profitably monetize their traffic while enabling companies to reach larger audiences.



In Europe, some of the largest and most successful affiliate networks boast extensive global reach, robust technology platforms, and a diverse portfolio of advertisers and publishers. These networks play a crucial role in driving digital growth and innovation across various industries, offering unparalleled opportunities for collaboration and revenue generation in the dynamic world of online marketing.

Some of the biggest and most successful affiliate networks in Europe:

  • Awin is one of the largest affiliate marketing networks globally, connecting advertisers with publishers across multiple industries. They offer advanced tracking and reporting tools, along with a vast network of partners.
  • TradeDoubler specializes in performance-based marketing and operates across Europe. They provide comprehensive solutions for advertisers and publishers, focusing on driving high-quality traffic and conversions.
  • CJ Affiliate is known for its extensive network and trusted partnerships. They offer a wide range of affiliate programs across various verticals, helping publishers maximize earnings through effective marketing strategies.
  • Rakuten Advertising offers affiliate marketing solutions that span the globe, with a strong presence in Europe. They emphasize innovation and technology to drive performance for both advertisers and publishers.
  • Webgains: Webgains is known for its global affiliate marketing network with a strong presence in Europe. They provide innovative solutions to drive growth and maximize ROI for their partners.
  • Tradedoubler: Tradedoubler is one of the largest affiliate marketing networks in Europe, offering a comprehensive range of performance marketing solutions for advertisers and publishers.
  • Affilinet: Affilinet, part of the Awin network, is a well-established affiliate marketing platform in Europe. They focus on delivering high-quality leads and maximizing conversions through their extensive network of publishers and advertisers.

These networks play pivotal roles in the affiliate marketing ecosystem, offering robust technology, extensive reach, and tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of advertisers and publishers across Europe.

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