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Display Products Against a Customised Backdrop? Pinterest’s New Features Look Promising

Pinterest is rolling out several AI-based tools and features. They aim to improve creative content, campaign performance and ensure brand safety. With Pinterest Ad Labs, select brands can experiment with new creative and advertising tools.

Display Products Against a Customised Backdrop? Pinterest’s New Features Look Promising
Source: Pinterest

Create personalised backgrounds

Appealing images that reflect everyone’s individual tastes? The dream is becoming a reality: Pinterest is experimenting with personalised background generation using its proprietary AI model. This tool uses extensive data from visual search and taste. For example, instead of displaying a product on a plain white background, the tool can generate backgrounds that match a user’s aesthetic preferences.

New way of visual curation with collages

Advertisers can now create and promote collages. This format allows users to interact with the collage, tap on tagged products and learn more about the brand and its offerings. Initial tests with brands such as Wayfair have shown promising results, with collages delivering 28% more effective cost per click (CPC) and 5.4 times higher engagement compared to retail benchmarks.

Pinterest Performance+: Increase campaign effectiveness

Pinterest Performance+ is a suite of automation and AI tools designed to simplify the creation of targeted campaigns and improve advertiser performance. Currently in closed beta, Performance+ integrates the latest AI and automation capabilities to help marketers increase campaign effectiveness. Initial tests show significant improvements in cost per acquisition (CPA) for conversion and catalogue sales campaigns and a 50% reduction in campaign creation time.

Source: Pinterest

Brand safety

Pinterest is also strengthening its commitment to brand safety through expanded measures and new partnerships.

In a statement, Pinterest said:

“We have partnered with Integral Ad Science (IAS) to provide brand safety measurement across all monetised markets in accordance with the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) framework as part of Pinterest’s overall media quality. IAS’s AI-based multimedia technology uses machine learning to analyse individual images, combining image, audio and text signals to accurately classify Pins at scale.”

Pinterest’s social network innovations offer new opportunities to enhance e-commerce marketing strategies. By experimenting with new creative tools, optimising campaign performance and ensuring brand safety, social media managers can more effectively use Pinterest to drive engagement and sales.

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