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Do We Need to Track Engagement Rates for Online Campaigns?

What does tracking of this metric give us and what data is behind the name? Traditional advertising (print, TV, radio, billboards, etc.) doesn't allow customer engage with ads straight away as the customer does not have the opportunity to respond to the ad itself. Digital marketing, on the other hand, has introduced the possibility of direct interaction with the marketing and information content that your brand publishes.

Do We Need to Track Engagement Rates for Online Campaigns?
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Engagement Rate

Is a set of metrics used to measure customer action in digital marketing. There are many methods and formulas that can be used to measure engagement, but their common goal is to quantify customer engagement with your brand and measure the effectiveness of your marketing or advertising campaign.

What does the word interaction mean?

Internet users can post their own reactions, comments and feelings in this interactive form of advertising. This form of advertising allows them to express their emotions or preferences in the marketing content, whether it’s the colour of the product, the design, or what they’re dealing with in their lives at the moment – a new house, buying a car, changing jobs. All of these interactions – the creative versus the internet user – are called interactions.

Effective digital marketing campaigns are designed to create customer engagement, which can have a number of positive benefits for your brand.

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What is interactive advertising and why should we use it on a regular basis?

Interactive ads invite consumers to physically engage with advertising in an immersive way, turning traditional advertising into an activity. They are a great way for marketers to connect directly with consumers and encourage them to take action, rather than passively watching or ignoring an ad.

Interactive advertising helps brands tell stories, improve personalisation and create lasting impressions with audiences, among other benefits. It can be used by marketers in any industry that’s looking:

  • Create and build brand awareness
  • Generate leads
  • Increase sales
  • Gain customer insight

The benefits of interactive advertising include

  • Increased brand awareness and recall
  • Improved performance metrics

The most important benefit that is often forgotten or overlooked is:

  • Having more data!

Interactive ads offer more (and more detailed) data than other types of ads. They provide detailed information on:

  • How long people looked at your ad
  • What they clicked on
  • How they answered a question
  • Whether they replayed the video
  • Whether they shared it with others

All of this data can help marketers formulate a more sophisticated advertising approach to improve the performance of future campaigns.

Thinking big from the initial advertising campaign plans helps business owners express their brand with fun creative and plenty of sales support.

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