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Ecommerce Europe Urges Fair Rules for All

Ecommerce Europe and its national association members are calling for a level playing field for all ecommerce players in the European market, advocating for better enforcement of existing regulations.

Ecommerce Europe Urges Fair Rules for All
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The group is concerned about providers from outside the European Union attracting European consumers without adhering to rules on consumer protection, product safety, counterfeiting, data protection, privacy, environmental, and taxation legislation.

“In the past years and even more recently, new e-commerce players from outside the EU have entered the Union and are putting a lot of pressure on the Single Market and on companies that are already established in the EU. We have always been, and we will continue to be, strongly in favour of an open and competitive market, as e-commerce is a global phenomenon. However, decision-makers and competent authorities must ensure that this competition is fair”, declared Luca Cassetti, Secretary General of Ecommerce Europe.

European ecommerce businesses are feeling the squeeze from complicated rules and high compliance costs. New competitors from outside the EU are entering the market, challenging both the Single Market and established businesses. Ecommerce Europe stresses the importance of an open and competitive market but warns that lax enforcement of EU rules on non-EU players could lead to unsafe products reaching consumers. They are calling for stricter oversight of international competitors to ensure a fair and safe marketplace.

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