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Embracing a Cookieless Future with Mixed Marketing Modeling

For nearly 30 years third party cookies have been the backbone of online and user tracking, giving businesses valuable insights into user behaviour. But with increasing privacy regulations the future of cookies is uncertain. Businesses need to focus on consent, compliant data collection and ways to measure campaign performance as consumers get more worried about how businesses use their data.

Embracing a Cookieless Future with Mixed Marketing Modeling
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Businesses, agencies and media owners need to work together to ensure consent is gained, data is collected and campaign performance is measured to stay ahead of the curve. A common statistical approach for businesses preparing for the phase out of third party cookies is mixed marketing modeling or MMM. Without relying on third party cookies MMM combines multiple data sources to measure campaign performance across multiple channels and touchpoints.


Marketers can make informed decisions about where to spend their marketing budget by using MMM to get insights into their campaigns without third party cookies. Clear consent processes that offer benefits or rewards to users who agree to share their data and make it easy to turn off data sharing should be put in place to build consumer trust and show they are protected.

Don´t  forget! Building consumer, brand and corporate trust can be achieved only by transparent data collection processes and consumer education around their rights.

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