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Future Directions For Influencer Marketing

There is no need to explain why your brand should be on social media. Your marketing plan should include producing interesting, high quality material. So how do we increase its marketability and authenticity? The answer is influencer marketing.

Future Directions For Influencer Marketing
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When should we use TikTok, and when shouldn’t?

At the moment, TikTok is the fastest growing social network. An average user uses it for up to forty minutes a day. 60% of users are members of Generation Z, people aged 18-33.

More detailed videos

Videos with human elements – faces, people and authenticity – are the most popular on TikTok. This is why influencer marketing has been such a great success. The video is less likely to get lost because the viewer knows and trusts a familiar face. So if you’re not afraid of being seen on camera, keeping up with the latest styles, etc., TikTok is for you.

Added value

Today’s video needs to be more than just visually pleasing. Quite the opposite – valuable information and emotional impact are more in demand. There’s no need to be overly promotional with an influencer campaign on TikTok. In fact, it should surprise and delight. A really good way to do this is through storytelling.


If your budget only has room for one influencer campaign, you will be in for a disappointment. One of the things about TikTok is its speed. Trends change quickly. This means that a single campaign is not enough to create awareness and achieve your brand’s goals. Regularity and continuity are the key factors.

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The king of formats: Video

Video is “going” on platforms like Pinterest and TikTok. What has Instagram done in response to the rapid rise of TikTok? Reels, you guessed it, right? The Instagram algorithm has long since retreated to short videos.

They are fighting for every second that people spend looking at social media. You have three seconds to interact with a video. That’s the amount of time it takes for a viewer to decide whether to skip the video or watch it.

Multi-channel influencer marketing

Finding an Instagrammer and expecting them to post exclusively on your preferred platform is not influencer marketing. In fact, today’s influencers are multi-platform users. The scope for marketing initiatives is therefore greater and needs to be fully exploited.

Managing reputation online

Positive comments about a brand are considered its best marketing. Ask content creators questions as if they were your customers. Ask for their opinion, a testimonial, comments or if they would tell others about the goods. There are many more ways to use influencer marketing to build a solid online presence. All you need is to know how to use them. So how do you use endorsements from celebrities?

Publish them on your own blog, website or newsletter. Seek them out on your brand’s Google business profile or social media accounts. Long after the paid effort ends, strong reputation advertising continues.

The emergence of the ambassador

It is important to understand the difference between an influencer and an ambassador. While not all influencers are ambassadors, all ambassadors are influencers. By consistently promoting a product or brand, an influencer becomes an ambassador.

His or her name immediately comes to mind when people think of the brand and the partnership seems genuine, which benefits customer behaviour and brand development. Therefore, long-term partnerships with influencers are essential for long-term brand development or goal achievement.

Did you know…?

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Searching on TikTok is more personal because the results are likely to be personalised. This means that results that are not only relevant to the user, but also the most recent and most popular are shown first. Popularity is measured by “hearts” or the number of views.

You never know when someone will stumble across your company while ‘new age googling’, so be aware of your social media presence. Bear in mind that investing money in influencer marketing initiatives is sometimes a risk to your company’s name and reputation. The right choice of personality, campaign execution and reporting are critical.

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