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Google Search Changes: Discussion Forums And Social Networks Will Rank Higher

Google has unveiled new tools this week. Owners of social media sites and discussion forums will get their due. Content will rank higher in Google search results.

Google Search Changes: Discussion Forums And Social Networks Will Rank Higher
Source: Google

Google has faced criticism that search results are often filled with machine-generated, SEO-optimised content. As artificial intelligence advances, this problem will only get worse. However, this is exactly what the announced changes to Google’s rankings are aimed at – trying to better index, display and categorise forums and social networking sites in search results.

According to TechCrunch, Google’s new search features are designed to show a first-person view of social media platforms, forums and other communities. This will allow searches to return the most accurate and complete results possible.

In May, Google first introduced a new “Perspectives” search filter that highlighted posts from discussion forums such as Reddit and Quora and social media in search results. The algorithm pushes similar results to the top of search results to make them easier to find. The feature first appeared on mobile devices and was made available to desktop users earlier this month, along with other search changes.

New tools for better SEO

With the new tools, Google is giving first-person sites the ability to tell the search engine how their data is structured. As a result, their content will show up better in the results.

For example, with the new ProfilePage feature, any site where creators post content will be able to present profiles of their creators directly in Google search results, including information such as their name, handle, profile photo, number of followers or the popularity of their content. Google Perspectives and the Discussions and Forums feature can also use this type of tagging.

Google can already identify a number of forums with valuable results in its search results. The DiscussionForumPosting tag will help Google better recognise conversations from any online forum or discussion site on the web. The new algorithm will now better index, categorise and rank smaller sites. FAQ pages will also be included in this category.

Google will help site owners implement these changes with new reports that show, for example, errors, warnings and valid elements related to their tagged pages. Both features will also be available in Rich Results, so site owners can test and verify any tagging changes.

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