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Instagram Adds New Features for Broadcast Channels

Instagram has announced several updates to its Broadcast Channels option for creators, offering private one-way chat streams to inform audiences of important updates.

Instagram Adds New Features for Broadcast Channels
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Broadcasting is available to any creator with more than 10,000 followers, so this isn’t a widespread choice. However, Channels is an easy way to stay in touch with your biggest fans if you fall into this category. Now there’s even more choice. Firstly, as a further incentive for people to join your broadcast chat, you can now run IG Live broadcasts for channel members only.

Channel owners will now be able to start a live stream within their channel that only channel members can engage with, as you can see in this sequence. According to Instagram, this will provide you with more opportunities to connect with your most loyal fans.

In addition, Instagram is adding custom themes to its broadcast channels, which will allow users to add any image to the background of their chats.


Source: Socialmediatoday.com

Channel owners will also now be able to choose which emoticons their community can and can’t react to in chat, while it’s also possible to add QR codes that will bring people back to your channel.

Offering another way for creators to tap into the broader shift towards more private messaging, broadcasting channels has been a successful addition to the app. This is where more Instagram users now engage, rather than posting to Stories or the main feed, and Channels gives popular creators another way to stay top-of-mind and keep their fans on the app.

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