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LinkedIn Campaigns Have New Tools. Using AI, Of Course

LinkedIn is introducing several new ways to help B2B marketers achieve their goals.  Nearly 90% of B2B marketers are optimistic about their ability to increase sales in the coming year, according to LinkedIn's own research.

LinkedIn Campaigns Have New Tools. Using AI, Of Course
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The Wire

As the short-form video format takes off across social networks (and not just there), LinkedIn is piloting The Wire programme. This allows marketers to promote video ads in the feed alongside content from trusted profiles. Early participants in the programme include major publishers such as Barron’s, Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal.

“With 75% of US adults spending up to two hours a day watching short-form video and the number of videos uploaded to LinkedIn growing 45% year-over-year, we are testing a new initiative that will allow you to promote video ads in the feed alongside trusted content from publishers,” writes Lindsey Edwards, LinkedIn’s vice president of product management.

Artificial intelligence gets a boost

LinkedIn is expanding its Accelerate suite of AI-based tools. It has been proven to dramatically improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of campaigns. New features include:

  • Microsoft Designer integration: This tool helps marketers create and customise engaging creative by offering multiple design options that can be tailored to a brand’s specific needs.
  • Advanced targeting: Marketers can now refine campaign targeting by integrating their own data with data from the LinkedIn platform and exclude specific companies or third-party lists.
  • AI Marketing Assistant: This assistant helps guide campaign creation and provides insights and recommendations to improve ad performance.

AI-generated campaigns

A significant number of B2B marketers (66%) are already using generative AI in their work. LinkedIn’s Accelerate platform further integrates AI to streamline campaign creation and management. Key features include:

  • Creative customisation: Microsoft Designer helps create and customise ad creative based on user input.
  • Better use of data: Marketers can combine their own customer data with LinkedIn data to better target potential buyers.
  • Conversational Assistant.


Building on the success of new ad formats like Live Event Ads and Thought Leader Ads, LinkedIn continues to innovate ways for marketers to reach and engage their audiences. The platform is designed to help B2B marketers create compelling campaigns that drive conversations and build trust with buyers.

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