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Meaningfulness Is a Must For Brands in Gen Z’s Eyes

International research confirms that Generation Z has unique demands on brands. Meaningful purpose and social responsibility top the list.

Meaningfulness Is a Must For Brands in Gen Z’s Eyes
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Generation Z is becoming a key player in the marketplace, and their expectations of brands are having a huge impact on the direction of digital marketing. Dentsu’s research reveals their interest in higher purpose and social responsibility.

Source: Dentsu

Marketers are trying to understand these needs and take them into account when developing advertising strategies. The current trend is towards sustainability and authenticity, as well as social issues. These themes not only appeal to Generation Z, but also create long-term relationships with brands.

5% of Gen Z respondents are more likely to buy products that contribute to charity.

Despite financial concerns, Gen Z donates 5% of their salary to charity, the most of any generation.

70% prefer brands that show emotional intelligence in their advertising.

With 26% of baby boomers now preferring brands with a meaningful purpose, the demand for brands with a meaningful purpose is also growing among other age groups.

Source: Dentsu

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