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Meta at Cannes Shows Brands How to Connect With customers

Last week at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Meta is showing marketers new ways to get closer to customers.

Meta at Cannes Shows Brands How to Connect With customers
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Meta is launching AI-powered ad options for Messenger to help increase brand engagement as more people use private messaging. The company is simplifying customer interactions and increasing active engagement with technology.

AI for customer interactions

One of the features Meta is testing is for the most common questions businesses get on Messenger.

This tool will allow customers to buy and get customer support by answering common questions in a natural way.

By answering common questions quickly, this will save businesses time and reduce the need for human intervention, to get to customer satisfaction and the order process faster.

This builds on Meta’s previous work in the Messenger Bots platform which launched in 2016. Despite the initial lack of enthusiasm for Messenger Bots, the new AI may be a more engaging and efficient way to interact with customers.

Source: Socialmediatoday.com

New message ads

Meta is also launching a new message promotion tool that allows marketers to create, manage and send paid messages to users who have opted in to receive them through Ads Manager. This will allow brands to keep in touch with customers by sending promotional content directly to users’ inboxes.

At a recent Meta Conversations event, it was announced that businesses using Ads Manager for WhatsApp can now upload their subscriber lists to Meta. The AI will then find the best subset of recipients based on the marketing objective, such as lead gen or product awareness. Meta will roll this out to Messenger in the future and could increase targeted reach and conversions.

Can AI mimic human behavior closely enough? Meta is betting on the private messaging trend to think that more messaging will equal more receptiveness to ads. But we’ll see.

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