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Reddit Improves Ad Placement

Ads in Reddit comments will be more visible. The company wants to give advertisers more effective ways to reach users where they're most active.

Reddit Improves Ad Placement
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The platform aims to increase the visibility and engagement potential of ads in this highly interactive environment. Reddit is a platform visited by tens of millions of users around the world every day. It is essentially a cross between a social network and a forum – in fact, communities are self-organised around different topics and interests, there is greater anonymity and it is more focused on sharing information and opinions.

Improved conversation ads

Comments ads will have larger media elements and better placement in discussion thread posts. The aim is to create more engaging and visually appealing ads and, most importantly, to take advantage of active participation. With up to 47% of impressions on Reddit occurring in comments, this creates premium placement and a strategic advantage for advertisers.

Source: Reddit

Room for CTAs in the carousel

Reddit is also improving the carousel view with updated CTA (call to action) buttons. The goal of this update is to increase user interaction with ads and make it easier for advertisers to drive users to desired actions, whether it’s visiting a website, making a purchase or signing up for a service.

Reddit recently lanuched a new ad format called Free-Form Ads. They appear as organic posts.

The growing potential of advertising

Since the launch of Conversation Ads, Reddit has continued to evolve its advertising offering. For social media managers, these enhancements offer new opportunities to tap into Reddit’s active user base, which has reached 82 million daily active users worldwide.

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