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Stay Ahead of the Competition: The Top E-commerce Website Development Trends

A well designed e-commerce website is crucial for any online business as it shapes customer loyalty and engagement. 80% of consumers prefer businesses that offer personalized experiences, that’s how important personalization is in driving customer engagement and loyalty.

Stay Ahead of the Competition: The Top E-commerce Website Development Trends
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What are the key trends to follow?

  • Voice search is becoming more and more popular as a hands-free way of interacting with technology which affects e-commerce websites. Natural language processing (NLP) features are essential for voice search on e-commerce sites and for product recommendations and search results.
  • Hyper-personalization can increase revenue by as much as 15% using browser history, purchase trends and customer data.
  • Product catalogs sent to customers and curated based on their previous browsing behavior are great way to re-engage customers.
  • Email marketing allows for customized product suggestions and show casing relevant products based on customer’s interest.

 Optimizing User Experience Across Devices

Businesses have changed the way they interact with customers with WhatsApp integration which provides real-time tracking data and notifications to customers’ WhatsApp inboxes. People interact with online platforms differently because of extensive use of mobile devices so a seamless experience across multiple devices – especially smartphones – is necessary.

Mobile-first designers know the unique behavior of mobile surfing and optimize menus, interface components and content to be as useful as possible on smaller screens.

Businesses are starting to prefer unified loyalty programs that work across physical and online stores. Reducing cart abandonment rates and increasing revenue depends on having a fast and secure checkout process. Although they must invest in creative and user focused e-commerce website development if they want to get a piece of this growing market.

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