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TikTok Shakes Up Teen Ad Targeting in the US: What Marketers Need to Know

Social network TikTok is striving to increase ad transparency across the pond. Ads targeting minors will only be possible with broad targeting.

TikTok Shakes Up Teen Ad Targeting in the US: What Marketers Need to Know
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Restrictions on Teen Ad Targeting

The most significant change is the update to ad targeting options for users under 18. Advertisers will no longer be able to use personalized targeting for teenage users in the USA. Instead, they’ll only be able to use broad categories such as location, language, and device information. This move is designed to protect young users’ personal data from misuse and minimize the risk of influencing them. Similar steps were introduced in the old continent thanks to the European Union a year ago. While these restrictions may seem to reduce effective targeting options, it’s still possible to reach teenagers through broader trends and popular topics.

Enhanced User Controls

TikTok has further improved data control options for users. They’ll be able to customize their advertising preferences – for example, by choosing whether they want to see more or fewer ads related to specific interests.

“On TikTok, we’ve introduced the *Clear My Activity* feature, which allows users to disconnect all off-TikTok activity data shared by advertising partners that we’ve associated with their account. This data may include interactions in an advertiser’s app or website, such as adding an item to a shopping cart. After disconnecting, your personalized ads will no longer be based on this data,” the report states.

What to take from this? Social media managers should ensure that ads are even more relevant and tailored to the target audience’s interests.

One of the significant new features is Disconnect Advertisers. This will ensure users can stop the use of future data from specific advertisers for personalized ads. TikTok has fully implemented the Clear My Activity feature, which allows users to remove all off-TikTok activity data associated with their account.

Labeling AI-Generated Ads TikTok has introduced new rules for disclosing artificial intelligence in ads. Advertisers must now clearly label AI-generated ads with an AIGC tag. Users will be able to more easily recognize commercial content created by AI. Another step towards increasing transparency.

However, the platform doesn’t stop there with artificial intelligence. TikTok plans to allow brands to create their own virtual influencers to promote products in the app. Here too, the condition will be that AI avatars must be clearly labeled.

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