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Two Newsletter Personalisation Tactics You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

In this article, we'll look at two ways to personalise an e-commerce newsletter. Read below to find out more.

Two Newsletter Personalisation Tactics You’ve Probably Never Heard Of
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To visualise these tactics, we decided to use JAK’s newsletter. We are not currently working with this company in any way. The only thing we have in common with them is a pair of shoes I recently ordered from them 🙂 .

Two tactics for personalising your newsletter

Personalising customer communications can be quite time-consuming. Let’s say we have two groups of customers we want to communicate with. Men and women. We can send a unique newsletter to both groups, with different graphics, text or the structure of the newsletter itself.

While this form of personalisation can be effective, it essentially means double the work for the members of the marketing team.

Not every marketing team may have the resources to devote time to this form of personalisation.

That is why we decided to look at brick and mortar personalisation strategies that do not require more work from the marketing team. Here are two examples that you can use in your e-commerce business.

Personalisation 1: Available in your size and favourite colour

Consider the following example: Suppose I know the size and favourite colour of a customer’s shoes (I will describe how to effectively collect this type of data later in this article).

Let’s look at the image below. On the left is a standard newsletter I recently received. On the right you can see the same newsletter with a recommendation of shoes in my size and favourite colour at the top of the newsletter. This section will only be visible to customers for whom we have information about their size and favourite colour; other customers will see the version on the left.

Source: Datacop.substack.com

To successfully implement this personalisation strategy, it is crucial to understand the customer’s preferences when it comes to their favourite shoe colour and size. There are two possible approaches:




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