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YouTube News Lets You Create a QR Code and Supports UGC

YouTube is introducing a number of new features aimed at increasing user engagement and streamlining content sharing that could benefit social media managers and indeed any e-tailer using video content in their marketing campaigns.

YouTube News Lets You Create a QR Code and Supports UGC
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QR Codes for Channels

This update allows creators to generate a unique QR code for their YouTube channel, making it easier to share content both online and offline. According to YouTube, they’ve tried to simplify the sharing process because copying and pasting URLs wasn’t the most convenient – especially in the offline world. You can find your QR code in the app on the My tab under Share Channel.

Better YouTube shorts

YouTube is also testing new effects for user-generated content in the Shorts. This experiment allows a select group of creators to design and publish their own effects directly in Shorts, similar to the effects available on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram.

All users will be able to apply these new effects to their Shorts by accessing the Effects button and exploring the options available. This initiative could be a precursor to more advanced tools for creating effects on YouTube, expanding the range of short videos on the platform.


Links to other channels and featured sections

YouTube is also experimenting with new ways to feature other creators in comments. It’s expanding testing of the YouTube Studio payment details view to include currencies other than USD.

Finally, YouTube is expanding access to its Jump Ahead feature. This tool uses AI to identify the most popular parts of a video and allows users to jump directly to those points by double-clicking the fast-forward button. The feature, which originally launched in March, was well received, with 92% of testers finding it useful.

YouTube says the feature has not had a significant impact on overall viewing time, despite concerns that it could reduce the amount of time people spend watching videos. It should be added that Jump Ahead is only available to YouTube Premium subscribers. However, creators can test it on their own videos without a subscription.

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