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Ad blocking

Ad blocking is software that blocks ads in your browser. It can be installed as a browser extension. It can detect and block advertisements as you browse websites. For example, it can block banner ads or pop-ups, or various animations or videos. One of the most popular software is AdBlock Plus, which can be installed on various browsers.


Ad blockers use various techniques to identify and block ads, including DNS filtering, JavaScript manipulation, and content filtering.

Key terms:

  • Adware: Software that displays advertisements on a user’s device.
  • Pop-up blocker: A software tool that prevents unwanted pop-up windows from appearing.
  • Malware: Malicious software that can harm a user’s device.
  • Content filtering: A technique used by ad blockers to identify and block specific content, such as ads.

Example: A user wants to avoid being tracked by advertisers and wants to block ads from loading on their favorite website. They install an ad blocker on their browser, which filters out the ads and allows them to view the website without interruptions.

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