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Google Unveils New Features, Promises Improved Search

At the recent Google I/O conference, the company unveiled new updates. One of the most important new features is the introduction of AI Overviews, which provide concise answers to complex questions. Unfortunately, it's only available to Google users in the US for now.

Google Unveils New Features, Promises Improved Search
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The innovation uses generative AI powered by Google Gemini. AI Overviews is designed to add value beyond traditional search results. It provides snippets of information from web content designed for more complex queries. Alongside the news, Google will also introduce a new web filter that will allow users to revert to the traditional view of text links at any time.


When will we see the change? As the company reports:

“Today, AI overviews will start showing up for everyone in the US, with more countries coming soon. That means hundreds of millions of users will have access to AI Stories this week, and we expect more than a billion people to have access by the end of the year.”

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