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Pinterest Adds New Ways To Share Pinboards Across Applications

Pinterest has improved board sharing to raise awareness of users' Pin presence and make it easier to share Pin collections across other social apps.

Pinterest Adds New Ways To Share Pinboards Across Applications
Source: Pinterest

Users can choose a public board to share, tap on the “Share” icon, select a template, and share the board overview as a Story with an animated depiction of their chosen elements. The “Curated on Pinterest” marker, which could be seen as a watermark, disappears, and is aimed at Stories and re-sharing Pins via that format. This could be a great way to share your collections of pins and the things that you are interested in with the app.

Pinterest hopes this will attract younger users:

Pinterest users view their boards as personal sanctuaries for dreaming up their world and showcasing their unique personalities and aesthetics. For Gen Z users, Pinterest isn’t just a platform, it serves as a space for self-discovery and expression, where they shape their identities on their own terms, free from external pressures. This connection to introspection has fueled a growth in the number of boards created by Gen Z users since last year, outpacing other generations.”

With over 500 million monthly actives, Pinterest is keen to tap into this demographic to maximize its growth potential, mainly with younger users.

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