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Shoppers Are Getting Older And Department Stores Are Feeling The Pinch

Even high-profile foreign department stores such as Macy's, Kohl's and Nordstrom, with a stable customer base, are feeling the pinch. Their target audience is getting older.

Shoppers Are Getting Older And Department Stores Are Feeling The Pinch
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According to the CNBC article, in the past, these stores were able to meet the needs of multiple generations. However, today’s younger consumers, especially millennials and Generation Z, are searching for goods on social media, specialty stores and online platforms.

“As sales slow, these department stores are struggling to attract investors and adapt to changing consumer preferences. Oliver Chen, an analyst at TD Cowen, stressed the urgency of reaching younger shoppers: “If you’re a department store, you need to – and should – reach younger and older people,” he told CNBC.

As the infographic shows, Nordstrom is the only company in the comparison that has a larger customer base of Millennials and Gen Xers than Boomers. This may be due to the fact that it also operates the Nordstrom Rack retail chain, which attracts younger, more fashion-oriented shoppers.

Source: CNBC

However, their outlook for the financial year remains weak, with little or no year-on-year sales growth expected. Retailers are focusing on improving private labels to differentiate themselves, as these exclusive lines are often priced lower than national brands. In addition, department stores face traffic and sales challenges as consumers spend more on everyday items due to inflation.

How to attract and appeal to younger generations remains a challenge for department stores. Adapting to the preferences of both younger and older shoppers will be key.

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